Inciting murder of the unborn

It is shocking, to say the least, to see a medical professional blatantly admitting to advising people to break the law, and to publicly advise them how, when and where to do it, and have this backed by the liberal media that willingly give them exposure.

The absolute majority of the people of Malta are pro-life. Both political parties acknowledge this and know that any proposal to legalise abortion will create a backlash at the polls.

Generally, when their political survival is on the line, politicians prefer not to challenge public opinion. The recent campaign to introduce an abortion clause, which was in the end rejected to become a lifesaving clause, testifies to the current status quo.

In spite of the pressure, blackmail, savage media campaign and arm-twisting, the laws protecting life from conception in Malta have remained intact. Nothing has changed. The criminal code is clear. In spite of this, we see people acting publicly and advertising on social media in blatant disregard of the law.

Abortion, the intentional killing of the child in the womb, is a crime in Malta. Why doesn’t the State take a proactive stance in defending our unborn? Why do those who disregard our pro-life laws go on unreprimanded? It seems that what is sauce for the goose is not also sauce for the gander when it comes to abortion.

“It is the foremost duty of the forces of law and order to defend the State from the actions of citizens who advise, assist and guide other citizens how to break the law. And this can only be done if those who encourage others to break the law be arraigned for their criminal behaviour” [US Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr].

The bane of local politics, and public affairs in general, is that the so-called ‘independent’ media has become crushingly strong and dominates almost all our institutions. It has conditioned psychologically these institutions to the extent that almost all their decisions are lop-sided towards its views and agenda.

This psychological conditioning is most evident in institutions such as the police and the law courts. While the police are always too ready to investigate and arraign critics of the media’s agenda on any trifle, they always turn the Nelson’s blind eye on the media’s and the liberals’ defiance of our laws.

One would do well to ask the question: Do we really have the rule of law here? Or do we have only the rule of the liberal law?

Do the police investigate people who are encouraging, aiding and abetting abortion? Should we resign ourselves to wait ad infinitum to see the vulnerable protected? Why do the police consider liberal journalists and pro-abortion activists immune from prosecution? Shouldn’t the voiceless child in the womb also be free to choose life? Are they the Privilegium Fori members of our times?

Nobody has the right to defy the law of the land.

Yet, we find doctors who write: “So let me be perfectly clear what motivates me to assist before, during and after abortion; I want what’s best for those who are pregnant and only they can decide what that is. I think, I feel, I decide.”

No, dear doctors, nobody has the right to terminate another human being’s life. At least, that’s what the law says in our country. Consider the same dangerous way of reasoning applied to other ‘unwanted lives’ like already born toddlers and children caught in separation cases.

Facing a situation where maternal mortality is negligible as in Malta, the pro-abortion lobby seeks to move the goalposts by making us doubt the parameters of statistics recording, even though medicine-wise we are not exactly Bonga Bonga Island.

No, dear doctors, nobody has the right to terminate another human being’s life

Now twisting and turning arguments to new targets, our families and friends and relatives – people do not die from maternity-related problems in Malta. Period. Maltese obstetricians have always done what was necessary when a pregnant woman’s life is in true jeo­pardy. Even in situations where a mother’s life is threatened by a pregnancy, it is a heart-breaking decision to proceed to termination of the pregnancy and all efforts are done to save the child when this is possible.

Pro-abortion advisors speak of a selective kind of kindness and compassion to daughters and granddaughters. Commendable. A love and compassion that excludes the unborn child completely unless the child is a wanted child. So much for fighting for women’s rights, when the most aborted child is the female child in the womb.

Another delusion frequently touted is the need to eliminate the unborn child to save the mother. In a 2023 publication by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, it is categorically stated that 0.2 per cent of terminations are done to save maternal life endangered by pregnancy. Only 0.2 per cent. This is corroborated by the statistics from Florida, one of the most rigorous in maintaining and publishing abortion statistics, (82,581 abortions reported in Florida in 2022). So, in 99.8 per cent of pregnancies, the baby is aborted for other reasons and, this, classified as healthcare. Perhaps convenience care would be more accurate.

Misleading the young and the public about the safety of abortion pills, downplaying the loss of a human life during an abortion and justifying abortion, even surgical abortions that involve the tearing apart of a foetus limb by limb, is an atrocity we cannot accept.

The pro-abortion campaign now reaches new lows as it uses love to justify death. Respecting, accepting and loving someone does not mean that you necessarily endorse what they have done or do.

The great majority of the Maltese psyche rebuts as an abomination the wilful killing of the unborn child. Killing a defenceless unborn child is a direct affront both to natural law and, above all, to the Creator. Yes, though we are sinners, some of us still believe in the laws of God and we make no apologies for shouting it with pride.

Prof. George Buttigieg has practised obstetrics and gynaecology since 1980 in various countries. He currently teaches at the University of Malta, the Rome University of Tor Vergata and Plovdiv Medical University. He is also sub-specialised in Medico-Legal Studies.

Dr Teresa Galea Testa is a gynaecologist and obstetrician.

Dr Josie Muscat is a medical doctor with special interest in obstetrics, gynaecology and infertility since 1971.

Jean Pierre Fava is a health scientist and environmental scientist.

Source: Times of Malta